iPortfolio Group was founded in 2017 by four serial entrepreneurs who have been working together since 2009. Formatted similar to existing startup studio models, the company seeks to build and spin-out entities formed around strong intellectual property and high-value products.

The focus of iPortfolio Group is on developing forward-thinking technologies that present with strong commercialization potential in multiple markets. The emphasis is tangible products which are backed by a strong patent portfolio.

About Us

Representing years of combined business experience, the iPortfolio team has impressive skills and empirical knowledge within diverse markets, including fiber optics and communications, solar, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, and retail.

Each of the founding members have built successful companies. They have each faced the challenges of starting from scratch and crafting a good exit strategy.

Wisdom gained from the right experience is one good thing. Great timing is the other. The team of iPortfolio Group has both.

Our Companies