Few markets hold as much growth potential as the PV solar market. Fueled by the intersection of passionate innovation, green energy, new technologies, and strong political support, the solar market represents extraordinary potential for the right ideas with the right execution.

It is within this massive rise of commercial possibilities that NovaSolar Tech has identified and developed a cost-effective technology to accomplish residential and large-scale automatic maintenance of PV solar panel installations.

The Company believes its proprietary solution is one that represents ecological responsibility, strong ROI, and unparalleled efficiency. These factors are expected to position NovaSolar Tech as a much-welcomed industry standard.

Introducing NovaSolar Tech’s

Solar Panel Optimization Platform

A patented technology that slightly modifies the solar panel frame to create a platform for automated O&M technologies

  • Increases ROI for residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar installations
  • Reduces risks associated with O&M guarantees and lowers maintenance costs for O&M companies
  • Provides market differentiation and value proposition of solar panels compatible with Optimizer Product Line
  • Designed around granted and pending international patents
  • Introduces a new line of cost-effective products compatible with the Solar Panel Optimization Platform

Optimizer Product Line

Dry Cleaning

Water Cleaning

Steam Cleaning

Snow Removal

Residential Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Utility-Scale Cleaning

Data Collection


Vegetation Control

Site Security

Pest Control